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                    Welcome to Pudhucherry - Electronic Magazine. This is a non-remunarated Tamil Literary Service for the net browsing citizens; especially the younger generation of the Pondicherry. This Web-site exhibits the latest news items about the Tamil Literary activities in and around the Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam Regions and also in the Internet. The latest Profiles and the literary works of of the Great Tamil Scholers lived in Pondicherry are also depicted in different pages for knowledge of those who seek the taste of Tamil online.

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  • For typing with Tamil Unicode fonts, using the existing English Keyboard, you use the online text converters from "," " /umar.html." You can also download and use Murasu Anjal, Kural, which offers support for various type of tamil keyboard layouts including romanized anjal keyboard or ekalappai, which also offers support for various types of tamil keyboard layouts.